Seadrive deleted new files

A user created a new folder inside a shared library. The new folder has been synchronized with the Seafile client on macOS.

About 10 minutes after the sync, another uses turns on his Windows 10 machine with Seadrive v2.0.24. After startup, Seadrive deleted the newly synchronized folder. How can this happen?

The user even didn’t know, that this new folder exists and he didn’t accessed the shared library after turning on the computer.

In the Seadrive logs I can find the deletion and also the Seahub logs shows it… but otherwise nothing remarkable.

Hello @z3ky , can you show the history of the library between the creation and deletion of the folder?

In the upper two rows, Seadrive of Simon K deletes the directory “Gratz” and 6 files from another folder.

I also found another deletion happened some days ago.

Hello @z3ky , can you send seadrive’s logs of Simon K to us ? You can send them to

Hi @feiniks , thank you for the fast replies.
I have sent the logs.

It seams like Simon’s Seadrive has deleted files, that has been renamed/moved by another person while Simon’s Seadrive has been offline.

After starting Seadrive, it deletes the old files (thats ok) and also the last recent versions of these files. But, there is no create/update event that downloads the recent versions before deleting them.

The issue of this delete file should be caused by a bug of version 2.0.24. Since version 2.0.24 seadrive will check the local invalid placeholders, this function may lead to deleting the newly added files. You can upgrade to Seadrive 2.0.7 or Seadrive3.0.4 to avoid this issue.