Seadrive download limit on number of files

Seafile Server Version 7.09 Pro
Seadrive Client 1.0.11
OS: Windows 10

Hi there,

Using Seadrive, if I right click on a folder in the windows explorer menu and click ‘Seadrive->download’, it will queue up the files for offline storage, however I have a large folder (18000 files), and it will not download all files. My seadrive cache is set to 300GB and the folder i want to download is 10GB only.

Just wondering if seadrive has an item limit for downloading from folders?

Also, wondering if there is any plans to have an ‘available offline’ option for folders, whereby seadrive will always download specific folders? if so is there an estimate of when it will be implemented? I realise the seafile sync client can currently do this, however I think the seadrive client is a better solution for the users on our system.


Perhaps it is just too slow.

SeaDrive 2.0 will support this use case.

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for the reply.

I don’t think its a ‘too slow’ issue, as its been a few days now since my post, and a very large portion of files are still not downloaded. I’m on a 100 megabit connection, which is quite responsive to my server location.

The seadrive client shows that i am fully synced (according to the icon in the windows system tray).

Hopefully version 2.0 will help wiht this issue. It would be interesting to test on folders with a very large number of files.