Seadrive Empty folders

We have a very annoying bug.
A lot of time, when we change network or just disconnect cable (ex work at home vs work at office) seadrive lost the folders.
The “Shared with groups” or some other folders inside it are empty.

The library is still available on seafile website access but not anymore on searive.

We have a workaround
Quit and relaucnh seadrive.
If it dont work : disconnect the account then reconnect it
If it dont work : remove the account the recreate it
if it dont work : remove seafile then recreate it.

It’s very annoyng for the end user to make all this steps and it create frustrating situtation.
Any other way to resolve it?

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Hi Fabien,
I know exactly what you talk about. I also have to restart the drive client every once in a while.
I am not aware of any quick fix or a fix you can do. I think it is a problem with Dokany, the third party VFS driver.
But there is hope: This is from a recent statement by Daniel Pan: “We are working on rewriting the Windows drive client with a new native Windows API, instead of using a third-party library. The stability and usability of the drive client should be improved significantly. Many problems that cannot be solved with Dokany library will be avoided.”

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Where do you have this from? The “New native Windows API” sounds very interesting and I would love to learn more about what it exactly entails.

I have the info from Daniel, but I cannot point you to any developer documentation.

Hm, okay. Sounds interesting though. I use SeaFile personally but at work we’ve deployed CentreStack. It’s interesting to know if these programs can utilize something built-in Windows, so that it’s easier to compete against OneDrive for Business.

I just faced this problem with some clients on Windows 10. Wondering when Seafile will fix it.

The problem is that if there is no network when seadrive starts, it won’t load the libraries. We’ll fix this bug in 1.0.10 version.


@Jonathan Any idea when you are releasing the fix, please? My customers are facing to this more and more.

A new version will be release this week to fix this issue.


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