Seadrive installation - unexpected reboot after install

Is there any switch to prevent an automatic reboot after installation? If I execute seadrive-installer with /? no parameter for noreboot or norestart is seen and I got an unexpected reboot after “seadrive-0.9.0.exe /install /quiet”.

Message from event log:
From process
xe (computername)” was created at the request of the user “NT-AUThority\SYSTEM”
the event “Reboot” for computer “computername” was initiated for the following
reason: “Application: Installed (planned)”
cause code: “0x80040002”
shutdown type: “Reboot”
comment: “”

Installation was done via deployment software thatswhy “NT-AUThority\SYSTEM” is the username of the installer. And no its not occuring because of deployment software because there is set “do nothing” after installation.

Sorry for the delayed response. A very similar issue is detailed in this thread. I have subsequently moved it to the Feature Request category.