Seadrive & Kaspersky = no go

Hi. I just tried Seadrive. Unfortunately, I had to uninstall it very fast again after realising that Kaspersky won’t let it run. After a while the PC slowed down to the point where working was impossible. Uninstalling Seadrive solved the problem. Unfortunately there are no useful logfile entries on Kaspersky server.


Uninstalling Kaspersky solves the problem.

No, seriously. The problem most likely is that Kaspersky starts scanning your whole Seadrive and/or detects a false positive. Scanning the whole Seadrive leads to massive load because Seadrive needs to download all files for the scan and evict them from cache directly after that.

Unfortunately the scan of drive S: (in my case) took 3 seconds because there were 3 very small text documents inside (it’s a lab test installation). Once the scan finished, some sort of race condition occurred. Never mind, the Seadrive is still in an early stage and chances are high that it’ll work one day! :wink:

You may have a look at this thread. If you can configure Kaspersky scanning, the issue can be solved