Seadrive Linux 403 failed to get block errors

I’m seeing the following errors with Seadrive client on Linux when doing file reads. Using the web client, I can download the same file no problem. How should I debug?

[05/02/23 15:46:56] http-tx-mgr.c(4615): Bad response code for GET 403.
[05/02/23 15:46:56] file-cache-mgr.c(604): Failed to get block 01eb38b12c3a44f97bc647cf8463c0a04186ac42 of 411794de-7121-4da8-940c-e79b6ddf0267/REDACTED from server
[05/02/23 15:47:01] fuse-ops.c(1362): Failed to read 411794de-7121-4da8-940c-e79b6ddf0267/REDACTED: Input/output error.