Seadrive not syncing Group libraries

Hey guys,

I just found out, that the Seadrive Client is not showing any group libraries on the mapped network drive. I can see all my own personal libraries whether shared with anyone else or not, as well as I can see all libraries that someone else has created and shared to me. But all group libraries are missing on the network drive. On our Seafile Server we have defined some groups and within these some libraries are created and shared to all group members. These group libraries show up in the normal Seafile Client as regular shared libraries without any problems, but in the Seadrive Client not at all.

Why is that so? Did I misconfigure something or what’s the problem with group libraries?

Thank you very much for reading and your help!
Cheers, Johannes

Perhaps your group libraries are encrypted? The drive client doesn’t show encrypted libraries right now.

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your response, but that is definitively not the case. There must be another reason why group libraries are handled differently.

Cheers, Johannes

I cannot confirm this. With seadrive client 0.6.1 and 0.6.2 all group libraries, that are shared to me are visible on the network drive.

You can check seadrive.log for error messages.