Seadrive not working on multi-seat windows desktop

I have a problem with seadrive 0.8.4 on multi-seat Aster windows 10 :

When two users are connected on the computer, both are seeing the same S: seadrive drive. There is no way for the second one to open seadrive-gui and change the drive letter. Worst, both have write access to the seadrive drive.

changelog says that :

0.7.0 (2017/06/07)

Add support for multi-users using SeaDrive on a single desktop. But different users must choose different drive letters.

As the gui doesn’t wqork for the second user, I tried to change it directly in the registry, but it doesnt change anything.

Is there a specific way to configure this ?

This is a known limitation currently.

In version 0.7.0, we add an option to support multi-users scenario. But it raised another issue for non multi-users scenario. So we removed the support in 0.8.

We will come back to address the problem later.

It is not production ready. Don’t use it in production if your data is important.
Multi use support doesn’t work properly with the sync client either for now at least.

Ok, thanks, so I will wait a little bit before deploying seadrive on multi-seats computers. If needed, i’m ok for beta-testing !

Hi Daniel, I need multi use support. Where can I download the 0.7.0?