Seadrive on Mac deletes files by opening them

we experienced a strange behaviour with the Seadrive Client on a Mac. The user opened a PDF with the built in PDF-Viewer (“Preview”/“Vorschau”) and in the moment of opening the file was deleted on the server. This occourded two times with different PDF files in the same library. The snapshot history notes it as a combination of renaming and deletion.

  • OS Version: 10.11.6
  • Seadrive Client Version: 0.8.5
  • Snapshot-History: see below (Affected user: Alexander / Restoring: Sebastian)

The extract from the seadrive.log shows a “.TemporaryItems” which only was generated automatically for this user:

Has anyone an idea?

Best regrards,

Have the user modified the PDF file with the preview app? As I know, the app has the ability to somehow modify the file. This could cause the preview app to create temp files in the SeaDrive root folder (thus a new library “.TemporaryItems”) then tries to rename it to the new version. We haven’t tested this case before so there may be incompatibility.

Hi @Jonathan,
thanks for your reply. The user said that he only opened the file, then it was deleted. He has not willingly modified or saved the document.

I observed this issue now more often, also in other libraries.
Are there plans to address this issue in the next update?

Best regards,