Seadrive on Ubuntu 22.10

could you help me with installation of the seadrive in latest version to Ubuntu 22.10 please?
seadrive-daemon needs libevent-2.1.7 (>= 2.1.8-stable) but Ubuntu 22.10 replaces it with libevent-2.1.7a. When I replaced libevent-2.1.7a with libevent-2.1.7 from Ubuntu 22.04 seadrive-gui still could not be installed it required libevent-2.1.7 (>= 2.1.8-stable).
Is there any option how to install seadrive-daemon and seadrive-gui on Ubuntu 22.10 please? I would really need it.
Thank you.

SeaDrive doesn’t support 22.04 officially. The official repo only contains binaries for LTS versions.

You can however compile from source code:

@Jonathan thanks successfully compiled on Ubuntu 22.10 according to github instructions.

Hi @Mato, I see you’ve been a member here for a few years, and I’ve been one for … a few hours. But… I’ve been a Linux developer since I first tried out Slackware on a few floppies back in the early 90s. I do suggest that for server work, always use the latest LTS, which is currently Ubuntu 22.04, I also suggest that if you haven’t dove (dived?) into Docker, omg, do!

I can’t count the number of times in the past I chased down problems and ran up and down different versions of libraries, packages, etc, and just made a mess out of the machine to the point that future patch releases just become a nightmare trying to upgrade. We’ve all been there. Trash the machine, and start again.

But with Docker… life becomes bliss. chasing a problem, spin up and new Ubuntu or Apache container, connect to a bash instance and install and test stuff to your heart’s content, and when you have a solution… start a fresh container from the original image and test your steps. Seriously easy.

But hey, I get it, sometimes the need for a particular release is imposed on you. And congrats on compiling from source! Have a great day, happy computing!