Seadrive - password protect app start / encrypt folders


after 2 years of evaluating Qsync, Synology Drive, Dropbox and Nextcloud we bought Seafile Pro and I am planning to implement our company document workflow. Seadrive file cache
was main reason we have chosen this software - to have all files available for teams but no need to have all team files/folders re-synced to all team members PCs.

There are 2 features we are missing in Seafile:

1/ password protect Seadrive app start
2/ encrypted folders in Seadrive

This 2 features are really needed if we want to use Seadrive in secure manner.


Team member works on home or public computer and want to edit company files. So he starts Seadrive. There is his account and its password already hard-saved during Seadrive installation.
I know we can log off Seadrive and chose different account - but its account settings /password/ are also hard-saved.
We can get around this by using encrypted folders - but again, its not implemented in Seadrive yet /even it was promised many times by devs and then post-poned/.

Seafile PC/Mac client is useless for us as files from team folders are not instantly editable by users /in Word etc/, they need to be downloaded first and reuploaded - its no-go as we have 400.000+ files in team folders and people will not use webpage version either.

Are there any short-term plans to implement these 2 features ?

Thank you for Seadrive client and Seafile server.



What do you mean by “password protect” the SeaDrive app? Do you mean an additional password has to be entered before accessing the virtual drive? I think this alone cannot really protect the cached files since they can still be access via the cache folder directly. If password protection is added, the cached files need to be encrypted locally.

Do you mean “encrypted library”? In the current state, even encrypted libraries can be accessed, the cached files are also decrypted locally.


thank you for your answer.

Please explain to me how encrypted libraries can be accessed with Seadrive ?
Its not visible in Seadrive client folders, only in Seafile and using web access.

About password protect - yes, exactly what I wanted - just protect Seadrive app from starting /no matter hidden cached folders remaining on that PC/. Best solution will be to password protect cached folders too - as you explained.


It’s not supported in SeaDrive yet. What I meant is that if this is supported in the future, the files cached locally are not encrypted. Encrypting cached files is another independent feature.