Seadrive Shutdown during upload

I don’t think the Seadrive client is very happy if the system is shutdown in the middle of the upload and then the repo changes on the server in the meantime.

Log was filled with.

[11/28/16 09:02:49] http-tx-mgr.c(1227): Bad response code for GET https://myserver/seafhttp/repo/RepoID/commit/HEAD: 403.
[11/28/16 09:02:49] sync-mgr.c(392): Repo ‘My Library’ sync state transition from get sync info to ‘error’: ‘Failed to get sync info from server.’.
[11/28/16 09:02:50] sync-mgr.c(362): Repo ‘My Library’ sync state transition from ‘synchronized’ to ‘get sync info’

I removed the RepoID/Server name before posting.

Logging out and then back in again seemed to resolve but I did have to re-copy the file to Seadrive as it was showing 0 Bytes.

Did check the repo with FSCK before logging out of the seadrive client and no problems with it were found on the server side.

Given you can copy somewhat large files to the drive and if you are a mobile/laptop user you could quite conceivably disconnect/shutdown before they complete seadrive needs to deal with this condition, I guess it really needs some way of verifying the files had uploaded properly before removing them from cache.


Can you provide more detailed steps about how this happened? Also can you post the the log messages before the error log first appeared?

I had put some files on Seadrive, however Because I was mobile and needed to re-locate I shut down the laptop on the assumption that it will resume next time I connect.

I’ve emailed the logs to the contact email as I don’t want to post the full logs into the forum.

Thanks we’ll look into the issue and get back to you.

I finally have time to investigate the issue. Your issue is actually an edge case that have been considered but not handled yet. I suppose you shutdown your computer directly without using the seadrive system tray icon? If many files are updated, some of these updates may not have been flushed into seadrive’s internal metadata when you shutdown the computer. That’s why you see the file in 0 size after restart. But the file contents are actually intact in the internal file cache. We’ll handle this case in the next version.

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Correct I just shut down the machine. I’d argue this is exactly what most end users are likely to do with sea-drive being a systray application