Seadrive starts downloading files when entering a folder

Hi there,

I’m still in testing phase of Seafile (pro version) and love it so far. I plan to use it exclusively with Seadrive client, no syncing. Drive concept is exactly what we need and the cache works wonderfully to make everything fast.

However, I noticed that Seadrive starts downloading some files at the moment I enter a folder. Not all files, just some (can be of any kind: pdf, xls, …). And sometimes when it has finished downloading these files, if I move the mouse or hover a not-yet-downloaded one that one gets downloaded too, but not always.

Is it a bug or a feature? Is it a kind of predictive downloading to make things faster?

I would prefer the files to start being downloaded when I actually double-click them. I’m often on the road using my 3G data phone hotspot and cannot afford to have many unintended downloads. Is there a way to disable the behavious mentionned above?

Thanks for your amazing work!

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This is neither a feature nor a bug. The Explorer will read the files to generate thumbnail causing the files to be downloaded.

@daniel.pan maybe there should be option to disable it, @takri is right about mobile data FUP. Or is possible? I mean allow you Windows to disable it?

@takri Here is temp solution:

  1. Open File Explorer Options
  2. Go to View tab
  3. Check option Always show icons, never show thumbnails

But you have to test it if windows don’t try load thumbnail(but not show) and doesn’t care about this setting.

I have thumbnails disabled for pdf and for doc and xls thumbnails are anyway not supported by my system (linux mint cinnamon with nemo file manager). Also, not all pdf or xls get downloaded, only some of them.

Regarding thumbnails for photos yes I had noticed that it makes all pics being downloaded and it is a little bit annoying since I haven’t found a way to disable thumbnails only for Seadrive folder and not the rest of my folders (Seadrive is not seen as a remote drive so obviously disabling thumbnails for remote drives doesn’t do anything). But I can live with that, I just avoid folders with pictures as much as I can when I don’t have wifi.

For the other files that don’t even have thumbnails it would be nice though to be able to disable this behavior since it kind of ruins the purpose if Seadrive concept.

Anyway, thanks for your answers!

Seadrive should either allow disabling it (with default to disabled) or (even better) implement it’s own integration to fetch thumbnails from the server (think it is possible).


I have a lib with several hundreds GBs of images. Opening that lib on my Ubuntu causes network peak and filled hard drive, just to see some thumbnails. Thumbnails are important, but if i have to download whole lib, whats the purpose of seadrive than? Thumbnails have to be load from the server, not created by the explorer. @daniel.pan


Source: Seafile Roadmap @ Roadmap - Seafile

We have already implemented a finder plugin to prevent files being automatically downloaded. We are working on Windows version already. For Ubuntu, we don’t have such a plan yet.

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Just installed SeaDrive and noticed this issue (no thumbnail images.) Is this still planned to be in the 8.0 (2020/11) release?


We’re still working on the thumbnail images plugin. But the auto downloading issue no longer happens after 2.0 version.


Cheers, good to know its still in the pipeline.