Seadrive sync icons

I have Seadrive client 1.0.11 and suddenly it changed icons in my folders with these green or orange adds. Question: is it possible to disable these icons ? I would like to have just simple clean Windows folder and files icons.

You find the explanation for these icons here:

To disable the overlay icons, process as follows:

  • Right click on SeaDrive icon in system tray
  • Choose settings
  • Disable Explorer Icons
  • Restart SeaDrive

(sorry, screenshot below is in German, but I guess you get the point).

I unmarked Windows explorer extension and restarted Seadrive but icons still persists :frowning:
Maybe I’ll wait for cache expiration ?


I rebooted Windows (win10) and nothing.

My settings are like on following picture:

As a last resort, you could get rid of the overlay entries the registry. Just keep in mind that if you do, the next time you update the client, the entries will be placed back in the registry.

This explains where you find the registry keys:

I removed manually these 8 entries from provided registry path. Then I restarted just Seadrive client - nothing. Then I restarted Windows - and its working :slight_smile:

Would be nice if in the next Seadrive version could this happening automatically :wink:

Thanks and greetings for Seafile maintainers for great job!