SeaDrive weird Sync when using subst


I try to reduce path length when accessing seadrive folders in order to bypass Micro$oft an Adobe limitation.

So, on my window, I use subst command to bind c:\users<username>\seadrive_root<username>\Partagé avec des groupes to k:

I had weird thing when creating / renaming / moving files.

When I create “TEST” folder in a library on k:, “TEST” appears in seadrive but status icon shows update forever, on the Web UI a new folder is created with default name, but his name is never updated with his real name.
Now if I create a file “testfile.txt” in “TEST” Folder in a library on k:, it appears in seadrive with forever update status, and on WebUI nothing happens.
Renaming “TEST” folder or “testfile.txt” in K: drive does nothing in seadrive nor WebUI.
Renaming “TEST” folder or “testfile.txt” in seadrive, sync folder and file on serveur, but the old folder with default name remains here.

I don’t know how subst command work but it seems that it occults important things about files and folders state.

Conclusion : DON’T USE subst command on SeaDrive folders !!!

Yes this is not supported. The cloud file API from Windows is not compatible with such usage.

It is weird, we are using seadrive in exactly the same way (accessing files and folders trough a drive letter created with with subst to the “shared with groups” folder). It functionally work flawlessly. It is true, that the status icons not correctly updated, but files and folders synced without any problems. We use Windows 10 64 bit client machines.

We are doing this, because we are creating files which references to each other (with absolute paths). If our users would access the files on different paths, then they couldn’t open the files saved by other users correctly (referenced files won’t load because the different path). So it is really an essential feature for us.

This is interesting, which version of seadrive do you use on your windows ?

I am sorry I just missed your message. We are using Seadrive Client 2.0.21 now, and it still works flawlessly. The only downside is that you can’t see the status icon if you access the files trough the “substed” drive, the status column is missing.