Seadrive will not run on macOS 12.0

Install GM of maxOS Monterrey 12.0.1 Working with Seadrive 2.0.17 and it will not launch.
Failed to initialize: failed to install kernel driver.
This problems occurs often with the Seadrive client when Apple upgrade their OS.
Any suggestions?

MacOS 12 is not supported yet.

Please have a look at the official compatability list:

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Is there an ETA for macOS 12 support yet?

I’m sorry. Are you kidding me?
The most recent version is 2 years old, didn’t officially support OS11 (but worked kind of) and doesnot support OS12 at all.
And you are directing to a table stating this weird fact as if that was normal?!?
There are clients paying money to this company and their staff on Macs cannot use the sh*t. This is NOT normal.
They knew for five months that this was coming, they would have been able to do something about it and they did – nothing?!

Honestly, this is beyond insane…

I would strike a different tone in my first post, but feel free.

A different tone of voice is hardly possible when the tools you pay money for aren’t working and nobody cares.
And then again: Since apparently no one from the company is here to take care of their customers and reply to questions regarding release dates, why should I care about articulation…?

Contact your account manager. Why are you railing in the Community Forum?

SeaTable’s CTO said just yesterday that a client version supporting Monterrey will be released soon.

See above

Hello, the realeasetable says that version 2.0.18 has been available for Mac since yesterday. Where can i find it?

they haven’t updated the download page yet, but you can get the .dmg here. I have just installed it and it’s working fine.

Thank you! That works. Great

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