Seadrive will not start, logs say rpc client not ready

I am trying out Seafile for the first time, and so far it looks pretty great! I am having one issue with one install of Seadrive, however, and it’s killing me. After installing it with no issue, the app itself will not start. The error is “Seadrive quit unexpectedly” and doesn’t start. The logs say that the RPC client isn’t available. We tried using a different drive letter but the same issue occurs.

I have uninstalled anything related to Seafile or drive, reinstalled prereqs, done a fresh clean reinstall of Seadrive but it still will not run. It works fine on three other computers that are connecting to the same locally hosted Seafile server and have never had a problem.

The server is Ubuntu 18.04 with 4 cpu, 3TB of storage and 2GB of RAM that is Seafile only. There are only 4 people connecting at one time so far.

Where should I go from here?

I am pretty sure the problem you encounter has nothing to do with the Seafile server.

The problem is quite certainly a local one. Here are my ideas:
a.) Do you run any particular AV programm on your computer? If yes, please disable. Many AV programms, Kaspersky and Bitdefender in particular based on my experience, are troublemakers.
b.) Perform a clean Windows start (disable all programms in Task Manager as well as all non Microsoft services in msconfig) and check if SeaDrive runs properly. If it does, re-nable more and more services / programms with every restart and check if SeaDrive still runs. If even a clean start does not help, I would abort any troubleshooting and reinstall Windows.