SeaDrive Windows client creates .exe files all around


We are using Seafile Pro with SeaDrive clients in our small business.

For the past 1 or 2 weeks one of our users (Windows 7 with SeaDrive 0.8.5 and then 0.9.2 - problem still there) has a problem: her client creates 1 file .exe for each file and each folder present in all folders she has read-and-write access to. The name of the .exe is the same as the name of the original file.

So for instance if she has a folder A with files a.pdf b.pdf c.pdf in it then in this same folder it will create a.exe b.exe c.exe which weight 0 KB.

Besides being worrying and filling our folders with annoying .exe files everywhere, there are 2 other major visible annoyances linked to that:

  1. her computer gets slow to almost unusable, because SeaDrive uses all CPU
  2. her seadrive.log file got to 20 GB. I deleted it but after a few seconds it got to 1 GB again so I was unable to open it. I can try again if needed

I didn’t find anything online, does this problem sound familiar to anybody?

Thanks a lot

The insane CPU usage is known problem. Since SeaDrive is closed Source, you can’t know much about it. If you searched for solutions trough the complete category and you found nothing, I would reinstall it. I never heard about the log problem.

Here my problem is the creation of all the .exe files all around. One per file/folder on the server. Yesterday I add to lower access to read-only to that user and delete around 5000 files .exe

And I know that it is the creation of all these files that makes the CPU usage high and the log file gets huge after only a few seconds, because it didn’t happen before. I have no clue why all that began to happen roughly 2 weeks ago, that user had no problem before.

Any idea anybody?

For now I had to stop SeaDrive on that computer (even with read-only access it keeps trying thus high CPU and log file that fills up the whole hard drive).

Do your log files reveal anything?

SeaDrive itself doesn’t create exe files. It should be some software on that computer does some special operations on file. The creation of .exe files could be a side-effect of those operations. The seadrive.log should have some more information.

I will try to check (for that I’ll have to try from zero because the log file gets huge in a few seconds). This phenomenon only happens with seadrive files and started suddenly one day, I couldn’t find a reason. I’ll keep you informed. Thanks.