Seadrive with memcached


Can i use memcached on seafile server v6.0.7 for windows if it is possible can anyone help me config, my webacess is very slow take about 15min to browse.

Thanks for the help

Tip, run ubuntu 16.04 in Hyper-V in your windows machine.

I have a guide written on my site that will help you set it up, step to step.

It’s more stable then the windows server version and the Linux version of the server are updated more etc.

I recommend to use some OS build for virtualization. Hyper-V on used windows or KVM on used linux distro are slow and if you somehow destroy host OS, you will lose virtual machines. So better is install ESXi or something like that(there are tons of this SW) that install Windows as Virtual guest and same with Ubuntu(or other linux distro.).

PS: Windows installed as ESXi Guest have better performance. Don’t ask me why cause IDK but we tried some benchmarks and can see that Windows 7 installed as Virtual Guest on ESXi are faster then installed directly on same machine.

Hyper-V is not slower then ESXi you need for example install some other kernels (VM) in Ubuntu.
And regarding destroying the OS it’s the trough with some modification, if you know that your machine are a Host then you need to handle it like that also for example don’t “labb” on it etc.

We are using our Host machine only for smb share and Hyper-V and we take backup every night and well we have not notice any performance hit’s against ESXi.

Good morning,

I think that it is not necessary to run seafile on linux, we use windows 6.0.7, coming from owncloud, and it is okay.
It is possible to use memcached, there is a older post that explained that, but the performance gain we expected was poor.
Now, we installed seafile on php 7.x with opcache, redis (not supported by seafile), mysql, nginx and it run okay with at least of 300gb users data.
If you could provide further information regarding your system, i shall be glad to try to solve your issue.
Kind regards

Don’t have any issue :slight_smile:

Not saying that Hyper-V is slower. I§m saying you running full OS for Virtual Host. For example Windows istallation have ~20GB. ESXi have ~2GB. It’s just corped OS for Virtual OS only(less thing which can destroy your host) :slight_smile: So using windows/linux only for VHost is overkill(for me) and use windows/linux server as standard server with virtual hosts is for me dangerous, cause by standard use you can kill this server(missclick, malware, etc.) and by this issue you kill your VHosts.

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Then I understand, Yes agreed if your running Windows Server as Hyper-V host then you need to make sure it’s secure.
In my case it is and we are using it as SMB share also and we are doing nightly backups so :slight_smile:

My system is Windows 10 Pro, i7 and 8Gb Ram,

I can virtualize the system but by now to increase the speed on web i think i can do it with memcached.

In other hand i can deploy for test in a linux distro but i dont know if its possible to tranfer the user data on windows to linux?