Seadrive won't remove files on second synced system

Server Version: 10.0.4
Seadrive Version: 3.0.3


I have a problem with Seadrive. In a folder with over 10,000 files, I’ve deleted ~4,000 of them. So far, no problem, this change has arrived at the server without any errors. However, this isn’t the case on my second client. Here, I now have placeholder files that (of course) can’t be opened. I could delete them here a second time, but the effort is too high for me.

Removing and re-adding the account would surely work, but since I keep ~250GB permanently synchronized and would have to download this again, I’m asking here if there’s another solution?

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened, previously I’ve always re-synchronized everything, but it’s getting annoying.

Log Files on the affected system:


[06/04/23 13:13:31] Failed to get path FILE#1 for repo 96071b12.
[06/04/23 13:13:31] Failed to get path FILE#2 for repo 96071b12.
[06/04/23 13:13:32] Failed to get path FILE#3 for repo 96071b12.


[06/04/23 13:13:09] request failed for {"error_msg":"Wrong path."}
[06/04/23 13:13:10] request failed for {"error_msg":"Wrong path."}
[06/04/23 13:13:11] request failed for {"error_msg":"Wrong path."}

Any ideas or sugestions?


Hello @Andre , can you send the events.log and seadrive.log to us ? So we can look into this problem.You can send the logs to