SeaDrive won't run under MacOS 11

I’ve upgraded from MacOS 10.15 to 11.0. 1 Beta. Now SeaDrive 2.0.7 won’t run. After starting the app I get an error message stating that the Kernel driver can’t be installed.

If I type “sudo /Applications/” in the terminal I get the following error:

This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin.

I have FUSE for MacOS 3.11.2 installed.

Any tips? Thanks!

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Have a look at the compatability list at and you’ll see what the problem is.

Ok, so it doesn’t yet run on 11.0. Maybe this could be made more transparent by stating “Runs on Mac OSX 10.13 till 10.15” on the downloads page. (Currently, the information is merely “Runs on Mac OSX 10.13 or above”.)

Any information on when 11.0 will make it onto the roadmap?

As Apple is releasing macOS 11 today, we’ll release a new version to support it this week.

Wonderful, thanks for the info – and of course for the update.

Can confirm, the new version 2.0.8 now works nicely under MacOS 11.0. Thx to everyone involved.

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