Seadrive & Word crash when Shell extension enabled


I’m on Seadrive 1.0.0

When using Seadrive in LAN + GPO/AD management, i had no problem with Word

But today, at home, Word 2016 Hangs on opening Word files from seadrive
Then all the system hangs
The only way to free the system is to stop seadrive

Seadrive gui logs

[ext] Failed to read command from extension(), error code 232

[02/03/19 18:32:34] failed to write response to shell extension: Le canal de communication est sur le point d??tre ferm?.

When i restart seadrive with Shell extension disabled, i have no more problems.

@Jonathan, could it be related to ?

Is it reproducible on your computer? How often does it happen?

Hi @Jonathan

We and @pierre.baridon did reproduce the error on many devices on two different Campus with same environment

WIN 10
Kaspersky 11
Seadrive 1.0.1

The issue is not related to shell extension, as it occurs when it is disabled.

It looks that Kasperksy And Seadrive can not work together with Word or any Office app when you open more thanb one file.

The system hangs completely. The only way to free the system is to stop Seadrive

When you deactivatre Kasperksy, seadricve and word works perfectly

There is no effficient way to Config Kaspekrsky (S: letter, Seadrivce.exe) unless omitting Mobiles devices from the analyisis, which is not secure.

@pierre.baridon will post to Kasperksy Forum but you may have any idea and we can make some tests.


@gauburtin What do you see in seadrive.log when this hang happens?

Hi @Jonathan

Nothing appears in seadrive.log

As i told you, it seems related to kaspersky’s protection on mobile devices

[02/18/19 16:55:39] seadrive.c(729): Mount virtual drive as removable disk.

I’ll give you some feedback if we get some news from kaspersky

Feel free to investigate on your own side…

Hi gauburtin,
have you gotten any reply from Kaspersky?