Seadroid load balancing HA Proxy

We’ve setup seafile with a HA Proxy load balancer environment. We’ve recently discovered that you’re not able to download from the Android client when you have it load balanced (not sure about iOS client). Downloading from browser, Seafile Desktop Client or Seadrive works as expected.

What I can see in the logs is that the android client doesn’t handle sticky sessions. We’ve setup HAProxy as described in The other clients are using sticky sessions properly.

Is there probably a bug in the Seadroid client where it won’t handle cookies? Or is there something missing in the HAProxy configuration to fix it for Seadroid?

I understand that I could solve it by putting sticky sessions on IP rather than cookies. But preferably we want to continue using cookies.

Haven’t seen any replies on this. So I’ve assumed that this is a bug in the android app. I’ve filed a bug report in Git.