Seadroid (Seafile 2.3.3 Android 13) upload not working with SDCard

I have an Android 13 samsung phone, if I save my photos and videos on the SD card, seafile 2.3.3 does not detect the folders on the SD card and we cannot select the folder to upload the files,
It works with the phone’s internal memory.
Does anyone have the same problem? THANKS

Thank you
The problem is corrected with version 2.3.4 which has just been posted on github

It does not work for me on Android 13 (MIUI 14) with current Version 2.3.4 and full file permissions. :confused:

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Unfortunately same issue for my Android Seafile App v. 2.3.5.
Permission to read external storage is granted.
Only internal storage appears in the folder selection menu, SD card is ignored (not appearing).
Can I help with more details? Or creation of new topic preferred?