Seaf-cli: How to sync my local folder?


I installed seaf-cli 4.3.2 on my debian 8.7. seaf-cli is working but i can’t “upload” a folder to seafile server. My operations (as root):

seaf-cli init -d ~/seafile-client
seaf-cli start
seaf-cli create -n all-photos -s "" -u "" -p "xxx"
seaf-cli sync -l "xxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxx" -s "" -d "/mnt/hdd2kb/photos/" -u "" -p "xxx"

The directory “all-photos” is on my seafile server with 0 bytes. The command seaf-cli status on my debian client print:

# Name	Status	Progress
all-photos	unknown

# Name	Status

Process all-photos is unknown and directory “all-photos” on my seafile server is 0 bytes since days.

Do i miss a step ? Thank’s.

What I have experianced is that seaf-cli will sync the contents of local folder to the library, not the folder itself. When using the server UI you can add a local folder to a library and it adds the actual folder and it’s contents, but I haven’t found a way to get seaf-cli to do that.

So, if the local folder is empty seaf-cli won’t sync anything. Could that be your case?

I realize this is an old topic, but have you found a solution to this limitation?

Hello henrythemouse,

I still have the issue. Actually i can’t use seaf-cli … I d’ont know if the problem is “seaf-cli will sync the contents of local folder to the library, not the folder itself”. It should still work no ?

I just test it with following: create library with seafile gui on my computer. Try to sync the library on my server with seaf-cli:

seaf-cli sync -l 48beecf6-c707-49f3-a5ec-c473f323ddd3 -s http://xxx:xxx/ -d /mnt/hdd2kb/photos_sync -u

Printed output was:

Starting to download …

But, nothing since. The command seaf-cli list produce:

Name ID Path

And seaf-cli status

Name Status Progress

all-photos unknown
all-photos unknown

Problem solved … I just upgrade my seafile-cli debian package to last available version and previous steps now working !