Seaf-cli password change

I have two file servers syncing directories to my seafile server using the command line seaf-cli client. I recently changed my password for that library/user and couldn’t find any information on how to fix the seaf-client sync so that it would use the new password. I ended up desycing the directory and then running the seaf-cli sync command again with the changed password.

I can see this becoming a chore if I take on more users and like me they change their passwords regularly. Maybe it’s possible that I could loose data using this method, I’m not too clear as to what is really happening sync wise when I desync and then sync again on the same library.

I have another file server to do, but I’m wondering if this is the best method to handle this?


Seafile sync is based on last update datetime of file. So you can desync folder, make changes and start sync again, you are not going to lost new files or changes. There’s is only bigger chance to get conflict files, cause same files can be edited on second server and seafile-client doesn’t had full control on files in folder. But you still have both versions of file so again you are not going to lost new files or changes.

What I know from little spy in source code and DOC. There’s no way in seaf-cli, to change settings on active sync, so your method is right or only one. Only what I can suggest to you is create special user(and share libraries with him) for this sync if we talking about user passwords, not library password/encryption key.