Seaf-daemon does not start automatically


I am using the Seafile client from the Arch User Repository. Since yesterday (or so), the seaf-daemon does not start with my system anymore: the seafile applet only syncs my libraries if I manually start the seaf-daemon via the terminal.

What can I do to fix this?


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I’m having the same issue. However, I discovered that a client on a device running OS X (which hasn’t been updated for a while) was showing exatcly the same behaviour now, so now I am more inclined to think that the problem is on the side of the server.
What architechture is your server utilizing? ARM?

I’m running the Seafile server from a virtualized machine based on debian. My architecture is amd64.
The strange thing is that the Seafile client still works perfectly from my office PC which runs Linux Mint, so I can not confirm your hypothesis.