Seaf-fsck says all OK, seaf-gc says 2 libaries corrupted!

Hi, i have a strange and potentially very dangerous problem. When running with seaf-gc 2 libraries are not cleaned, because of this error:
Empty input for zlib, invalid.
…/…/common/fs-mgr.c(1700): Failed to decompress dir object c83c…
…/…/common/fs-mgr.c(2202): [fs-mgr]get seafdir c83c… failed
…/…/common/commit-mgr.c(502): [commit-mgr] CommitTraverseFunc failed

But seaf-fsck detects no error! How would one go about investigating this, i am quite adept at SQL, maybe i go find this object in mysql database and find some clue?

I am using Seafile 6.2.2 CE Edition, sync seems to be working fine from all clients.

Ok, so since i was planing to move seafile-data to new disk anyway (it was why i ran fsck and gc in the first place) i moved the data to see if this changes anything and indeed it did. I get different error now. Looks even more serious… This time error happens in seaf-fsck (the one before happened in seaf-gc):
[10/07/17 11:42:48] …/…/common/block-mgr.c(241): Failed to read block 2e3440eb-f7ea-4a08-86fe-8cf1f30e8d21:a274018b.
[10/07/17 11:55:35] …/…/common/block-mgr.c(241): Failed to read block 2e3440eb-f7ea-4a08-86fe-8cf1f30e8d21:a2743bef.
./ line 46: 150105 Segmentation fault (core dumped) LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$SEAFILE_LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${seaf_fsck} -c “${default_ccnet_conf_dir}” -d “${seafile_data_dir}” -F “${default_conf_dir}” ${seaf_fsck_opts}
seaf-fsck run done

So fsck thows error with no hint of how to fix, surely this is not expected behaviour? Can this be somehow connected to this errors/bugs?:

Just for the note i upgraded server from 6.0.6. to 6.2.2. On 6.0.6 seaf-gc did not have some library available so i could not run it, fsck was fine.

Is there someplace i can get debug version compiled for more info?

Hi, ok ignore the second post, the reason was hard drive getting bad sectors after moving the data directory to new disc, moving back to a working drive and running fsck fixed this.

The original issue and error now remains, seaf-fsck does not detect error but seaf-gc does. I have now found an open issues about this, it appears this is a known limitation of fsck:

I will post further inquiry there…