Seaf-fsck searches repos in sqlite instead of mysql


I’m trying to run seaf-fsck, but when the script tries to get the repo list it’s queried from an sqlite database instead of the configured mysql database. The system itself is running quite smooth for most of the repos.

sudo -u seafile /usr/share/seafile/seafile-server/seafile/bin/seaf-fsck -c /opt/seafile/conf -d /opt/seafile/seafile-data
[03/16/21 10:43:37] ../../common/seaf-db.c(206): Error exec query SELECT repo_id FROM Repo: sqlite3_prepare_v2 failed: no such table: Repo.

Within the conf folder I see the [Database] section in ccnet.conf and the [database] section in seafile.conf. Both configured with ENGINE and type mysql.

Can somebody let me know what’s wrong here so seaf-fsck does not check mysql for the repolist?

I’m using Seafile 7.1.5.