Seaf-gc does not free disk space

NO! You HAVE to run it with the user, who is the owner of the seafile folder and who runs the seafile server. Otherwise you will get problems with file permissions.

What history settings do you use?

I got this settings:

keep_days = 5

expire_days = 10

I did upload the file yesterday and I did also empty the trash.

Please see: Disk space still busy after removing

Ok, so if I upload a new file and then delete it it will bee erased by gc?

It did not work, I did create and delete some new stuff in that library but I still can’t free up any space. This is strange

The deleted files need to be deleted more than 5 days ago (according to your history setting).

Ok I see, I did try to delete the hole library and then I did use the script and it worked with the library.
But it maybe are not the same for library and files?