Seaf-import does not update files already imported


i’m trying to use seafile import script to update a file from the server itself

At first, Seafile imports a directory

./ stop    
./ -p /nfs/seafile-users -n Utilisateurs -u
./ start

Starting seaf-import, please wait ...
[01/02/17 15:38:37] seaf-import.c(86): Import file /nfs/seafile-users/partages-users.csv successfully.
[01/02/17 15:38:37] seaf-import.c(190): Import dir /nfs/seafile-users to repo b38c531e successfully.
 run done

The file partages-users.csv is accessible by a link generated from the WebUI

I try to update this file each hour with script (i don’t want to use the lunix command line client for this, if possible)

But the new import does not update the file, even if it logs that it does

Starting seaf-import, please wait ...
[01/02/17 15:40:39] seaf-import.c(86): Import file /nfs/seafile-users/partages-users.csv successfully.
[01/02/17 15:40:39] seaf-import.c(190): Import dir /nfs/seafile-users to repo 3b915218 successfully.
 run done

Do you have any explanation or workaround ?




The import program is only designed to import files to a library in initial state. It doesn’t take into account of your use case. Why not use the cli client?

Hi @Jonathan ,

You are right, this is not hwat it has been designed for, but i wondered if it could do the job.
Anyway, i found another solution to provide static files from the server.

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