Seaf-server crashing on large file downloads

Having an issue where I can’t download large files through the web interface. After looking through a number of other forum posts I have narrowed it down to the seaf-server crashing and being restarted.

tail -f /opt/seafile/logs/controller.log 
[12/23/20 20:21:27] seafile-controller.c(222): starting seaf-server ...
[12/23/20 20:21:27] seafile-controller.c(81): spawn_process: seaf-server -F /opt/seafile/conf -c /opt/seafile/ccnet -d /opt/seafile/seafile-data -l /opt/seafile/logs/seafile.log -P /opt/seafile/pids/ -p /opt/seafile/seafile-server-7.1.5/runtime
[12/23/20 20:21:27] seafile-controller.c(115): spawned seaf-server, pid 937
[12/24/20 15:02:29] seafile-controller.c(502): shutting down all services ...
[12/24/20 15:37:07] seafile-controller.c(190): starting ccnet-server ...
[12/24/20 15:37:07] seafile-controller.c(81): spawn_process: ccnet-server -F /opt/seafile/conf -c /opt/seafile/ccnet -f /opt/seafile/logs/ccnet.log -d -P /opt/seafile/pids/
[12/24/20 15:37:07] seafile-controller.c(115): spawned ccnet-server, pid 948
[12/24/20 15:37:07] seafile-controller.c(222): starting seaf-server ...
[12/24/20 15:37:07] seafile-controller.c(81): spawn_process: seaf-server -F /opt/seafile/conf -c /opt/seafile/ccnet -d /opt/seafile/seafile-data -l /opt/seafile/logs/seafile.log -P /opt/seafile/pids/ -p /opt/seafile/seafile-server-7.1.5/runtime
[12/24/20 15:37:07] seafile-controller.c(115): spawned seaf-server, pid 949

How do I resolve this / find out what the root cause of this?

Running on a VM with 2 core, 1gb RAM. Ubuntu server 20.04

How much swap? Have you ever observed the RAM when uploading large files?

This is on downloads via the web interface only. Using the cloud file browser the download works fine. Also uploading the file via the web interface originally worked.

I have upped the RAM to 4gb but its still happening and I am not seeing any increase in RAM usage. I have checked that the nginx proxy isn’t caching the file.