Seafie Pro 6.3.4 upgrade : seahub missing sysadmin-app, new orgadmin-app and libaries not loading

I’ve updated from 6.3.2 to 6.3.4 and discovered some problems.

first, the missing and already discussed sysadmin-app Folder. As I copied it from 6.3.2 Folder, the sysadmin interface works again.
But there is a new Folder called orgadmin-app. So I think there is something new, we rolled back by copying this folder.

Furthermore the client libraries not loading anymore. As known from 6.3.2, where some big libraries not showing all content in seahub, the libraries now show nothing but a loading circle in top of the browser frame.
The log files had no useful Information, so i have copied the whole seahub folder from 6.3.2 to fix the problem.

But I think, that’s not the common way :wink: There is something new which is now rolled back.

Please give us some information about the new directories and changed structure.


Hi, do you use memcached with

DEBUG = True

Web Ui malfunction may be related