Seafile 6.0.2 upgrade fail - need someone help

Hi there,

I used to have some issues during seafile server upgrade, but this time it fails completely and I have no chance to recover it by myself.

In short. I had 5.1.3 community version on my Debian server up and running and start upgrade to 6.0.2 version by following major version upgrade guide. Everything was fine and no errors did popup. And now I can’t start seafile. Command line output listed below. The interesting thing that logs are empty. So I don’t see a way how I can continue my investigation.

Starting seafile server, please wait …
Failed to start seafile server

While fixing this issue would be the best thing for me, but I am also interested to know is there any downgrade process in order to recover my data?

So I am going to backup my Seafile-data and try to make a clean install

Do you use the right user to run the upgrade script? Please check the permission of log files.

yeah. This is a valid point that brings to an interesting idea. So I am going to check that.