Seafile 6.0 Postgres and ccnet-db


Quite sometimes I use seafile server (great soft) and when I began I choose Postgres … until version 6.0, I translate the sql upgrade scripts from mysql to Pg and everything was fine.

But on last upgrade (v 6.0.5 Linux 64 bits), I get this error in ccnet.log:

[11/10/16 14:28:13] …/common/ccnet-db.c(424): Error prepare statement SELECT,, t1.is_staff, t1.is_active, t2.role FROM LDAPUsers t1 LEFT JOIN UserRole t2 ON = WHERE LIKE ? LIMIT ?, ?: PQprepare failed: ERROR: LIMIT #,# syntax is not supported
LINE 1: … t2 ON = WHERE LIKE $1 LIMIT $2, …
HINT: Use separate LIMIT and OFFSET clauses.

This messages is when I try to share a lib to a user … some are found, other not and share can’t be modified.

Any idea to correct this issue ?


This problem should exist in older version too. Perhaps you didn’t use LDAP in the past? Anyway it would be fixed in the next version.

Thanks for this answer …
LDAP is used since the beginning, but I upgraded from 4.2.3.
I will test the new version.

This has been fixed in 6.0.6 version.

It’s installed and I can manage the groups …
Thanks very much for the really fast response.