Seafile 6.1.x python version issue under ubuntu 14.04

seafile version 6.1.x introduces the onlyoffice support. However, the new module seahub/onlyoffice/ uses two functions that is not currently supported by the python in ubuntu 14.04.

Line 42: ssl._create_unverified_context()
Line 45: urllib2.urlopen(url, context=context).read()

According to and, _create_unverified_context and context argument are introduced by python 2.7.9.

However, the current latest python version in ubuntu 14.04 is 2.7.6. Thus, the onlyoffice will fail to work.

A temporary workaround is to set VERIFY_ONLYOFFICE_CERTIFICATE to true, and change the line 45 from
file_content = urllib2.urlopen(url, context=context).read()
file_content = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()

@daniel.pan Did you guys know about this?
Ubuntu 14 is officially supported I thought?!

Ubuntu 14.04 is no longer official supported. Ubuntu 16.04 is recommended.

What about migration for users running 14.xx? Was this announced somewhere?

The manual needs to be updated as well, since there are a lots of installation guides related to the 14.04, which may make people think the version is still supported.

Upgrade Python to Version 2.7.12, then it will work.

I am using this repository:

The Repository is no longer updated - but you will get Phyton 2.7.12.
I am also looking for an upgrade path to Ubuntu 16.04. My Last 4 tries failed (and not so easy with 300GB of Data)

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