Seafile 7 and fail2ban problem

fail2ban does not work with the seafile settings as found in the documentation. fail2ban jail does not get triggered. I can keep retrying the login beyond the 3 retries after seafile triggers captcha challenge and starts logging failures.

Perhaps the log format changed in seafile 7 as this regex statement seems incorrect:

failregex = Login attempt limit reached.*, ip: <HOST>

The actual line in the seafile 7 log looks like this:

[WARNING] seahub.auth.views:149 login Login attempt limit reached, show Captcha, email/username: admin, ip:, attemps: 5

Any suggestions?

Three things:
1.) Did you start fail2ban?
2.) What is the output of fail2ban-client status
3.) Post your jail definition

  1. Yes both the deamon and the client
  2. All good. ssh and seafile jails started
  3. It is as per the documentation here: I just changed the path of the log file to match my installation


Adjusting the path to th log filr to match your installation fixed the problem?

No. That was the starting point. I made the post afterwards.

Fail2ban seafile jail does not get triggered as per my original post.


Hi, I am facing the same problem.Fail2ban captures the fail attemps but does not trigger the jail.