Seafile 9.0.7 Ubuntu 22.04

Hallo !
I made the configuration according to seafail’s instructions.

I can start seafile, but I get the following errors in the controller.log:
failed to execvp /data/seafile-server/seafile-pro-server-9.0.7/pro/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch
the directory /data/seafile-server/seafile-pro-server-9.0.7/pro/elasticsearch/ does not exist.

Who can help me.

Many Thanks

Please see: Upgrade notes for 9.0

hanks for the hint, but i no have docker installation.

how can I install elasticsearch on my Ubuntu 22.04?

Many Thanks

You can search for elasticsearch’s manual on how to install it on Ubuntu 22.04. Seafile use it as an external service.

Seafile is included in the Debian testing repository, so you could simply add it to your package sources (/etc/apt/sources.list etc.). Then it should be easy to install seafile.

I never used it, so I cannot give hints for it’s configuration. But I guess you will find everything you need by searching the internet