Seafile 9 and LDAP

Hello! I’ve successfully installed Seafile server on Ubuntu server. Community Edition.
I am having trouble integrating it with AD. I’ve added the following into ccnet.conf and it doesnt show any users. I checked it with ldapsearch command, it can read AD so no mistake in username or password.

HOST = ldap://dc.corp.domain.en
BASE = cn=user,ou=User,dc=corp,dc=domain,dc=en
USER_DN = user@corp.domain.en
PASSWORD = password
LOGIN_ATTR = userPrincipalName
FILTER = memberOf=cn=seafile,ou=Groups,dc=corp,dc=domain,dc=en

@Mcicool Comment out the filter and restart services and see if all your Users show up. If they do not show that means something is up with one or more of your HOST,BASE, USER_DN,PASSWORD. If all your users show up then you need to work on FILTER. Let me know what happens. I literally just battled this a month ago.


Thanks! The reason it wasnt working is that i used CN of specicfic user in “BASE”. The correct line was:
BASE = ou=User,dc=corp,dc=domain,dc=en
And my filter also works fine.

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