Seafile and arm


I wanted to know if we can have an official statement for arm support.

At this point, we have :

  • Seafile server : can be compiled and binaries are available for rpi arm only
  • Seafile client : can be compiled and no official arm binaries available
  • Seadrive : can’t be compiled and no official arm binaries available

So, will you add an official support for arm with official binaries?
Or will you add Seadrive source (and for all future project source) so we can have an alternative by compiling it?
Or will you only keep seafile server rpi official and drop arm for client?

It’s been years since we wait for an official answer, so in 2020, can we have one?


Hi Thynir,
I am not speaking in any official capacity. Keep this in mind when you read this:
1.) Seafile for RasPi is community driven. This is no “official” Seafile project. The thanks goes mostly to @jobenvil and his helpers.
2.) You are invited to contribute to the community too! Why not take what is available on GitHub and make another ARM-oriented community project?
3.) SeaDrive is officially proprietary. In other words, it is not open-source. There has been no communication of making it open-source. Assuming that it will become open-source would be pretty far fetched. But why need it? Seafile server + Seafile client both available are a pretty attractive combination. SeaDrive is only something of a cherry.
4.) What do you mean by “we wait for an official answer”? I am pretty present in this forum. Who has asked the question? What exact question was asked?


About Seafile for rpi, I wasn’t aware of that. As I go from directly to download, I assume I missed it on the git front page :roll_eyes:

About Seadrive, it’s really for it that I made this topic. Yes, you can work without it. But it a great tool to access to an hudge library by only download what you need.
Also, I don’t know how you find it’s proprietary as I didn’t find any information about what is the licence for this tool (I checked again download page, manuals page and windows seadrive client. Git seadrive gui say apache 2, but there is not Seadrive core git). And it’s the same question as “we” asked in 2018 in this forum. And the only thing we know is, maybe they will make it open source, maybe not, wait and see. It’s been 2 years.

As I need to see if I can count on it for a project, I need to know if there will be a possibility to have an arm version one day, or if I need to use something else.

There is a tutorial in this forum on how to run seafile on ARM64.
I never tried it myself, but maybe this is an option for you:

Hi Thynir,
apologies on my part! I did some searching myself and you are absolutely right, it is not easy to find info on the “license status” of SeaDrive. Actually, I didn’t find any information saying “Seadrive is proprietary.” It must be kind of deduced. That is suboptimal.
I stand by what I said about SeaDrive’s development though. I wouldn’t count on SeaDrive becoming open-source anytime soon. A lot of capacity has gone into the development of SeaDrive and SeaDrive give Seafile an edge over competitive solutions. Open-sourcing the source code would make it easier for others to close the gap. I could imagine that SeaDrive becomes open-source once it does not provide an competitive advantage any more. When this is gonna be? See above. I don’t see this happening so soon.