Seafile and OnlyOffice strange promblem

Hello, i’ve got strange problem with Seafile and OO integration that i never met before. I’ve standart installation seafile-mc:9.0.6 and onlyoffice/documentserver:7.0 in docker and on different domains, standart install as in documentation. I can edit in OO newly created file, but after i save it, close page and try to reopen i’ve got errors, that “Document can’t be open”. The only starnge thing i found in logs is in onlyoffice.log is that:
This is i open doc in first time

2022-06-28 16:56:27,542 [INFO] onlyoffice:133 onlyoffice_editor_callback status 6: get doc_info {'username': '', 'repo_id': 'c7242d33-56bb-4db3-b0a2-3e29dda3a76e', 'file_path': '/newFile.xlsx'} from database by doc_key 595ffca854de12a5f6dc
2022-06-28 16:56:39,972 [INFO] onlyoffice:133 onlyoffice_editor_callback status 2: get doc_info {'username': '', 'repo_id': 'c7242d33-56bb-4db3-b0a2-3e29dda3a76e', 'file_path': '/newFile.xlsx'} from database by doc_key 595ffca854de12a5f6dc
2022-06-28 16:56:39,979 [INFO] onlyoffice:173 onlyoffice_editor_callback status 2: delete doc_key 595ffca854de12a5f6dc from database

and this is i try to open doc next time

2022-06-28 16:56:59,822 [ERROR] onlyoffice:102 onlyoffice_editor_callback status 1: can not get doc_info from database by doc_key 595ffca854de12a5f6dc
2022-06-28 16:56:59,822 [INFO] onlyoffice:108 onlyoffice_editor_callback {'key': '595ffca854de12a5f6dc', 'status': 1, 'users': [''], 'actions': [{'type': 1, 'userid': ''}]}
2022-06-28 16:57:06,597 [ERROR] onlyoffice:102 onlyoffice_editor_callback status 4: can not get doc_info from database by doc_key 595ffca854de12a5f6dc
2022-06-28 16:57:06,598 [INFO] onlyoffice:108 onlyoffice_editor_callback {'key': '595ffca854de12a5f6dc', 'status': 4, 'actions': [{'type': 0, 'userid': ''}]}

Is it normal behavior? I saw, that OO delete doc_key from it’s database, then it can’t find the same doc_key.


Are you sure the office file is properly saved back in Seafile after the first edit?

How can you check this?

  • Create a new file of type XLSX, PPTX, DOCX
  • Open the file
  • Edit the file in the onlyoffice editor
  • Close the tab with the onlyoffice editor
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Download the file from Seahub to your local disk
  • Open the file locally

If the file does not contain the edits made in onlyoffice, you have a communication problem between the Seafile and ONLYOFFICE container.

Thanks a lot, after numeruos try i can’t found any errors, and can’t found way to start seafile file server in debug mode, so i decide to make installation from scratch. And it’s works all rigth ^)
After that i try to find some typos in old configs, but useless.
Thanks again.

Are you saying you reinstalled Seafile Server, OnlyOffice or both? Thanks for posting the solution.

It was installation in dockers, so i prune all images, all volumes, get another domain names and make fresh install. This time it works. I guess, there is a typo, or something like this. Any way, sad, that there is no any error mesages, nor in seafile logs, nor in onlyoffice.