Seafile Android Client crashes when activating auto upload


I use a server that I recently updated to 6.2.2 (though I believe this is unrelated) running on Ubuntu 16.04 with Nginx, Letsencrypt and MySQL. Client is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F running Android 7.0 Build NRD90M.G935FXXS1DQHM. Seafile is installed via Google Play.

I can connect to my Seafile server fine. But when I click on “activate camera upload” in settings, I get about 8 seconds of freeze followed by a crash of the app. When clicking on the button below it (save contacts) I immediately get to the selection screen for the upload target library. I thus suspect the crash is due to some conflict with the media selection.

I use “secure folder” on Samsung, for a seperate user profile.

Secure folder uses the same technology utilized in “Android for Work” work profiles. Thus I don’t think that’s the root cause for the issue.

Please advise. Thx for reading. Cheers

Malte :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will look into the problem soon.

I have the same issue. I had Camera Upload working and to test something else I toggled the “Turn On Camera Upload” setting. Disabling the feature worked but upon trying to enable the feature the app crashed.

The latest version 2.1.20 should have fixed the problem.

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Confirmed! Fixed. Thanks.