Seafile API - Temp upload

Is possible to create temp file upload for API? I want to use Seafile as file backed storage for internal IS. So I need in some situations firstly upload file and after that move it to selected Repo/Library and subfolders. First thinking was upload file to server file system and then upload to Seafile. But user have to wait for upload first, then do another job and then wait for upload to seafile. For smaller files it’s ok but for bigger it’s problem. Second thinking was create temp_upload repo. But in case of storno action or connection drop we must handle mess own self. So in some period, delete files from temp_upload repo and than clean trash and than run GC. So my idea is just upload file without defining of target repo. Seafile will return some UUID of uploaded file which you can move to target repo and subfolder. If file is not move for defined time, it will be removed. The behavioral is similar to httptemp folder used for seahub webupload.