Seafile CE 7.1.3 from 7.0.5 fails to start seahub

This is mostly a heads up / warning to those looking to upgrade to 7.1.3 at this time.
I did this upgrade earlier today , and the seahub service would not start. I read forum posts and tried the things in there but nothing I found helped. I looked in the log files and again nothing useful in there. I then tried restoring my database from backup and repointing the seafile-server-latest symbolic link back to 7.0.5 , but when I tried to start the server it fussed about the gunicorn.conf file being missing. I eventually just rolled back the entire system by recovering from backup. It may be that if I’d have had convenient access to gunicorn.conf without having to recover the entire vhdx file that this system is in would have fixed my problem. But either way - before you attempt this upgrade I would suggest that you
(a) make a tar or other file-level backup of your system that you can access (my are of the entire machine running on HyperV - or were, I’ll augmenting that going forward).
(b) specifically make sure you have that gunicorn.conf file before you do anything

This issue cost me a bunch of time today mostly because this release hasn’t matured enough in the forums to have a list of common failures and fixes.
Please plan accordingly as this was not as smooth of an upgrade as past Seafile upgrades have been for me.

My thanks to the Seafile developers is none the less - my appreciation for your product is still very high - thank you very much for the free software!

Did You follow this instructions?

@Drone19of90 gunicorn.conf gets renamed to in the conf directory. To roll back was to do the minor_upgrade in 7.0.5 and then copy this file back to gunicorn.conf. That way it would have saved you a rollback.

However, as you I’m also having issues because the upgrade notes for 7.1.x are incomplete and still errors despite installing all the dependencies mentioned in the link that was posted above. So for now I’m waiting on 7.0.5 until all these issues are fixed and documented properly.

Step 2 (to run the upgrade script) - yes
Step 3 to clear the cache - no I hadn’t. Please see the next comment from ianw1974 also. Thanks

Thanks ianw1974 for the information. I did notice the but didn’t realize it was a rename from the original file - good information, thank you! Glad to know that I’m not the only one waiting on better information before upgrading again. Thanks!