Seafile CLI force one-way sync

Hello everyone,

When using the Seafile CLI (seaf-cli) is it possible to force a one-way-sync, from the server to the local machine but do not sync any local changes back to the server?

I have a case where I need to download a folder with large amounts of data on multiple Linux machines and perform actions locally, which will modify some of the data and also create various temp files. I don’t want any of the changed (or new) files going back to the server.
The reason I want to do this via Seafile is that data is already on a Seafile library, and I want to take advantage of Seafile’s rate limiting and resume capabilities.

You could create a new user and share your library as read-only. That way changes won’t be synched back, although I’m not sure if the local copy will be usable afterwards without a resync

Thanks for the suggestion @fakuivan.

Made some testing and this actually works with some fiddling.
The local repo will whine about permission issues and stop syncing, once there are edited files, but if you desync the repo and then sync again, it will at least download new files and will also detect conflicts.
Conflicts may be an issue as there might be changes in large binary files and I really don’t want to have to download them again over these shitty links.

Open to any other suggestions.

You might want to look into overlayfs if you’re doing this from Linux with root permissions. If those files are temporary mount the upper directory somewhere in /tmp, just look out for ram usage. I’m not sure how overlayfs handles the lower directory being changed though, say if seafile pulls some changes from the remote.

Also if the temp files have a common extension or always pop up in the same directories, you could do all this using seafile-ignore.txt