Seafile-cli: understanding progress?

Running latest seafile-cli on Debian to sync one large dir to a Seafile server. The dir has 1.69TB of which 0.53TB are excluded by a seafile-ignore.txt. Seafile server reports 1.2TB being uploaded. So I would expect the the progress indication of the client to be 100%. However, the client only shows 55% which confuses me because I cannot relate this percentage to any sizes involved. It is still “committing” though. What to do? Just be patient or is there any way to know what it is doing?

The data is being processed in batches. The progress only refers to the current batch and thus doesn’t really help. Your only option is to look at how much data you have on the client, how much there already is on the server and measure the average bandwidth used over a minute or something like that to estimate how much time it’ll take.

If it “only” should be uploaded I would just be patient and maybe check from time to time whether there was process.