Seafile client 6.0.3 is ready! Improved sync error reporting

This release adds a dialog to list all file sync errors. The user doesn’t need to open seafile.log and check sync error. The error messages are also improved to be more accurate.

Other improvements include:

  • Don’t popup file is locked by other users error message
  • [win] Support intermediate CA
  • [cloud file browser] Show correct error message when quota is exceeded during file upload
  • Show the server address during Shibboleth login
  • Support pre-config Shibboleth server address in seafile.ini
  • [fix] Show the recent shared user in sharing dialog
  • “open folder” changed to “open local folder”
  • Improve showing of syncing percentages

Why this is an improvement? For me this behaviour was very useful.

This old message is only popup when when user tries to update a locked file, which is actually an edge case. And it caused some bugs. So we remove it. User can find whether a file is lock from the overlay icon very easily.

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Beside this: I just noticed that my Linux clients are version 6.0.0. This seems to be the latest version. Would you list the latest linux version under Download - Seafile as well (even it is behind the the Windows or MacOS clients)?

Edit: Or do I have a problem and anyone else is running later versions of the Linux client? :fearful:

6.0.1 is the latest version in the official ubuntu PPA. Same for debian. Fedora seems to be stuck at 6.0.0. Arch Linux is up to date with 6.0.3

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Hm, any idea why 6.0.0 is the latest version listed on my system (Debian8)?

~# apt-cache policy seafile-gui
  Installed: 6.0.0
  Candidate: 6.0.0
  Version table:
 *** 6.0.0 0
        500 jessie/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
     5.1.4 0
        500 jessie/main amd64 Packages
     5.1.3-1ubuntu1 0
        500 jessie/main amd64 Packages


For some reason the libraries are at 6.0.1 while cli/gui/daemon are at 6.0.0. No clue why.

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Thanks. Anyway my Seafile client should list at least 6.0.1 as version under “About”, shouldn’t it?

Thank you Daniel.
Am I wrong or you discarded the improvements related to the syncing status percentages compared to the deprecated 6.0.2? Is it what was causing problems to that version?
Also, I see there is no link for the mac version of 6.0.3; don’t know if it’s an error or you are still working on that.
thank you again for your work

The syncing percentages improvement is also included. The problem was caused by we added a mechanism to better handle network disconnection (turn on/off WiFi).

I see there is no link for the mac version of 6.0.3;

We find there is a problem with Shibboleth authentication in version 6.0.3. We will release a 6.0.4 version soon.

How I can lookup sync status and sync errors in command line via seaf-cli?

How can I clean up old entries in the file sync error log?