Seafile client 6.0.4 is ready! A few fixes

This version fixes Shibboleth login support (a bug in version 6.0.3). The full changelog:

  • [fix] Fix Shibboleth login support
  • Improve network connection check
  • Don’t log “read pipe error” into log file (which was the cause of a huge log file)
  • [fix] Fix the link for help page
  • Improve library sharing dialog (pro edition only feature)
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what about the client version in the Ubuntu PPA. It’s still 6.0.1. will this be further updated?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

It’s now updated. Have fun!



Still getting the “401 Unauthorized” while trying to authenticate Seafile MacOS client via shibboleth login. Expected popup window with login/password request doesn’t appear.