Seafile client 6.0.6 is ready! Fix display problem in HiDPI Windows system and other fixes

The changelog:

  • Sort files by numbers if numbers contained in the file name, so “1, 10, 2, 11, 3” will be sorted as “1, 2, 3, 10, 11”.
  • Use native system window for Seafile main window and cloud file browser window.
  • Fix progress overflow when uploading large file using cloud file browser
  • Improve the tip when removing an account in the client
  • Don’t show download button when select folders in cloud file browser
  • Clean cache data of cloud file browser when logout an account or restart the client
  • [fix] Fix display problem for high screen Windows in win10
  • [fix] Fix libssl compatibility problem in Debain Stretch
  • Add auto-update check
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Thank you for the update!

remark to the cloud file browser:
Sorting by last modified results in sorting by name too.
And sorting by name is case sensitive, that’s a little bit confusing.

EDIT: sorting by anything results in sorting by name

Hello @all,

small bug: seafile client V6.0.6 shows the wrong version info:


Hy @Spheron

my installation shows the right number and also a new “Check For Updates” button is available.


Hmmmm, actually my seafile client shows the right information (V6.0.6) too. But i have nothing changed (no reboot or anything else)… Mysterious… :slight_smile:

Thnx for the info @Ste_P.


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high mysterious, because after the restart I even have the wrong Version, uhmmm?!

Checking for updates from About > Check For Updates results in an error:

My internet connection is working just fine, and the Seafile client also connects and syncs to the server just fine.

Hey good morning,

I have a small question. I’m on Ubuntu 17.04. What is the way to go to get the latest Seafile client (6.0.6)? Because the Ubuntu PPA is not configured for Ubuntu 17.04 I switched to the Debian repository a few weeks ago, but now the version there is not updated too. Would it be possible for you to release packets for Ubuntu 17.04 or update the debian repo?

That is much appreciated! =)

It should work on ubuntu 17.04 now. Check