Seafile Client 6.1.0: seaf-daemon crashes, client still shows green check mark

UPDATE: Just found out that there is a new client - 6.1.3. My 6.1.0 client insisted that it is the latest one and that there is no update available (WTF?). I am now testing the 6.1.3 client/daemon, let’s hope it crashes less often.

Original post:

My seaf-daemon (on macOS 10.13.1 “High Sierra”) got into the habit of crashing about once a day. I do not do anything particular to trigger this; most of the time, it crashes while the Seafile client is in the background.

I wonder whether this is partly caused by the age of my Mac mini - it is from 2012 and has seen all macOSes from Leopard to High Sierra. Maybe some system lib has a flipped bit?

Related to this problem is a wrong behavior of the client: It continues to show the green check mark in the menu bar even when the daemon has crashed. The really bad thing about this is that I might not notice the daemon crash until I try to access a file from somewhere else, only to discover that the latest changes I did on the Mac were not synchronized.

So my two questions:

  1. Does anyone else experience frequent seaf-daemon crashes on macOS?

  2. Where can I file an issue to request that the Seafile Client -
    (a) removes the green check mark if the daemon is not accessible anymore (and optionally shows a popup message), and
    (b) attempts to restart the daemon if it crashes?